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Oxygen Concentrator

The function: To get the high purity oxygen that meets the medical standard.

How to work: The concentrations use the zeolite molecular sieve imported from USA as adsorbent. Separating oxygen and nitrogen from the air through the advanced physical pressure swing adsorption (PSA), and filter out the harmful substances.

                                                                          Technical Specification
Oxygen concentration 93%± 3%
Oxygen flow 1~5L/min
Output pressure 30~70kPa
Power supply AC220± 22V, 50± 1Hz
Input Power 600VA
Operation noise ≤ 60dB(A)
Dimension 445L× 372W× 680H mm
Packaging Dimension 570L× 495W× 800H mm
N. W/G. W 31.8kg/25.8kg
                                                    With the alarm functionof overrunning Pressure

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