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Company Profile

Agmd Supply is a professional supplier of medical items, invested by HK cooperators, has branch offices and factories in China mainland. When producing, we also supply other products. Besides finished products, we can offer semi-finished products like cannula for different needles.  Agmd Supply was established in 2005, after around 8 years' developing, it has become one of the famous suppliers in the China, even to the Asia & Pacific area. Now we are having cooperation with customers from India, Vietnam, Australia, HK, Russia, etc.

We are focusing on human health, every moment we are ready to offer a better quality product. In order to develop our company and spread the market, we are looking for more potential agents to cooperate with us, we can authorize our agent in different area to protect their interests. We understand that the power of one person is tiny, but the power of the collective is huge!                                               

We welcome any comments, and we welcome your cooperation.
We supply better products for a better human health!
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