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Portable Aspirator
Aspirator is a novel,portable,AC/DC powered medical suction unit,It is suitable for giving emergency treatment to a respiratory tract patient in hospital,first-aid teams,or social medical services,It is able to clean secretion,blood,vomitus by which the tract blocked so that breathe unobstructed,especially available for patient first-aid and health care in patient transport and a place without AC/DC.

Portable Aspirator

Maintenance free oil-less pump,high flow rate,without pollution by oil mist.
Powered by three kind of power supply AC,external DC,and internal battery,continuous movement time≥1 hr when fully charged,rechargeable,attach the unit to the cigar lighter(DC 12V)by wire when use on the vehicles such as ambulance.
Charge method is constant voltage,limited current,and integral trickle type,Internal battery charged while the unit working by power supplies AC220V,or external DC 12V.There are battery indicators of full and insufficiency.
Large-bore bottle with stopper having sealing ring is convenient to open and clean.
Overflow protection prevents liquid entering pump.
Transparent non-toxic PVC hoses and unique connections are easy to observe and link.
Air filter equipped reduces bacterium in absored liquid to environmental pollution.
Stability,low noise,easy to carry,can use in wide range,safe and reliable to operate.

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