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Latex Foley Catheter

1、Thin shell、Firm airbag.
2、Spacious lumen and big sidehole.
3、Convenient discharge opening and catheter valve, good lubricating properties, tough tube、 smooth surface.
4、Easy to insert, Convenient to operate, minimize excretion during retention.

Size: 6Fr、8Fr、10Fr、12Fr、14Fr、16Fr、18Fr、20Fr、22Fr、24Fr、26Fr,

Single/double/triple lumen


Disposable Latex Foley Catheter

1、Lubrication:Lubricate the latex urethral catheter with medical lubricants before use. Wet the superlubricous catheter with sterile water before use and superlubricous can be achieved without any lubricants.

2、Insertion: carefully insert the lubricated catheter into the bladder (normally indicated by urine flow). then a further 3cm.

3、Water filling: hold the valve bush, insert the syringe without needle into the valve and the injecting have to be no more than demarcating content. after that, pull softly the catheter outward until bladder is chocked by the inflated balloon.

4、Taking out: when taking out the catheter from the bladder, insert an empty syring into the valve and let the water flow out naturally, or cut off the shaft for quick drainage of water.

5、Retention time: the retention time is no more than 7 days

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