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Endotracheal Tube

1)High volume, low pressure cuff, Made of clear, non-toxic PVC, X-ray opaque line throughout the tube,atraumatic, soft rounded,bevelled tip.Murphy type. Check valve
2)with the complete product specifications ,the style with with cuffed and uncuffed , and convenience for surgery to choice
3)the tube with cuffed or uncuffed is available

Range of apply.
endotracheal tube,a catheter that is inserted into the trachea through the mouth or nose in order to maintain an open air passage.

Type: With Bulb and without bub, Reinforce type.


Endotracheal Tube

ballonet style

tube top

specification (with cuffed/uncuffed)

column balloon

Beveled tip/Rounded Beveled tip


olive balloon

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