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We are offering I.V Catheter in Pen type,  Butterfly Type and W.Port.

Single use, non-toxic and non-pyrogen                                                                                                 Intravenous supply of infusions and transfusion of blood and its components            Recommended where infusions have to be given more than once or in emergency medicine   Types with ports suitable for injections of medicine without additional puncture                               For using with all kinds of infusion and transfusion sets                                                                   Materials: Medical grade PP (polypropylene). Medical stainless steel for needle                             Size: 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G, 22G, 24G                                                                                                              Shelf Life: 5 years Packing: Individually sealed in a peel-off blister.



* Smooth, thin wall needle
* Pain-free venous puncture
* Prevent “Peel-back” due to closed-fitting of catheter and needle
* High flow rate
* The unique design of the needle hub prevents rotation.
* Flexible and soft catheter
* Packed in blister pack

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