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Disposable Medical Supplies
Infusion Set 02
Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing
Clear, transparent and flexible drip chamber (soft or moulded)                                                             latex flash ball injection membrane for intermittent medication
Accurate flow controller
Approximately 15 drops / ml, 20 drops / ml 60 drops / ml
Tube Length: 1500mm,  
Tube : I.D. : 2.7 mm , O.D. : 3.52012年7月13日 mm
Packing: PE package

Disposable Infusion Set AGMD-IV-02

- With or without air vented spike
- With or without needle
- With or without "Y" injection port (Latex or Latex - free)
- Luer lock or luer slip connector
- With or without flow regulator integrated into Infusion set for precise flow control
- With or without fluid filter
- With or without air filter

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