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Evacuated Blood Collection Tube
Blood Collection Needle

butterfly needles for blood collection

Intravenous Needle

1.Scientific bevel lessen penetration pain
2.From 26G  to 18G

1) Product: sterile intravenous needles for single use
2) Application: clinical drug solution injection together with infusions or transfusions
3) Consist of: lock fitting, tubing, hub, blood lancet, stainless steel needle and protective cap
4) Tube: PVC, thickness>=0.4mm, outer diameter>=2.5mm, length>=250mm
5) Terminal connector: PVC, lure conical with cap

medical plastic and stainless steel
 25G:Orange;23G:blue;22G:Black; 21G:Green
100 PCS/Box 3000 PCS/Carton  
Shelf Life
2 Years
Storage in room temperature. Single use only! Dispose it once used.

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