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Evacuated Blood Collection Tube
Glucose Tube
Glucose Tube Contains dispensed sodium fluoride/sodium EDTA or sodium fluoride/potassium oxalate at the tube bottom. Glucose tube as glycol sis in inhibitors is to preserving glucose when combined with an anticoagulation such as sodium EDTA or potassium oxalate. Sodium fluoride is effective in preserving glucose for up to 48 hours. Used for collecting blood specimen and anticoagulation for analysis such as blood sugar, sugar water, sugar tolerance, lactic acid and anti-alkali hemoglobin.
Product Name Glucose Tube
PET, Glass
Draw Volume
13x75MM:1ML;2ML;3ML;4ML 13x100MM:4ML;5ML;6ML 16X100MM:7ML;8ML;9ML
13x75MM:1ML;2ML;3ML;4ML;5ML 13x100MM:4ML;5ML;6ML;7ML 16X100MM:8ML;9ML;9.5ML;10ML
Cap Color
Closure Type
100 PCS/Tray, 1200 PCS/Carton
Carton Measurement of 13x75MM: 515x345x205MM/1200PCS
Carton Measurement of 13x100MM: 515x345x255MM/1200PCS
Carton Measurement of 16x100MM: 590x392x262MM/1200PCS
Shelf Life
1 Year/PET, 2 Years/Glass
Storage in room temperature. Single use only! Dispose it once used!

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