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Disposable Medical Supplies
Blood Transfusion Set
1.  Single large chamber with cylinder filter, 150cm tube, luer lock or slip connector, with 18Gx11/2” needle
2.  Injection site has three types: latex cone, rubber cone, and Y-site cone.
1. 1pc/blister package, 20pcs/mid. PE bag,   20 bags/ctn
2.  1pc/polybag (HDPE, LDPE, compound film) , 20pcs/mid. PE bag, 20bags/ctn



Disposable Blood Transfusion Set

Designed roller clamp for better flow control.
Good smooth filter mesh preventing clog.
With upper and lower segment for easily observing. Non-pyrogenic and Non-toxic.

Sharp spike suit for all standard blood collection and transfer bags.
Superior quality latex free injection site.
Specially designed roller clamp for better flow control.

Options available:
- With or without air vented spike
- With or without needle
- With or without "Y" injection port (Latex or Latex - free)
-  Luer Lock or Luer Slip
-  With Customized Tube Length

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